Pricing Your Home to Sell

This is a 19 minute pre-listing video (DVD) that discusses the many benefits of pricing your home properly. This video is available for loan with no obligation. Fill out the form below and we will arrange to have it delivered to your home.

Discusses the following common concerns of home sellers:

  • Benefits of Pricing Your Home Properly
  • “Shouldn’t we select an agent based on price?”
  • “Our home is better than the others around us.”
  • “What if the market is changing?”
  • “We’ve had a fee appraisal higher than that.”
  • “But we paid more than that for it.”
  • “We need to get our costs out of it.”
  • “What about the value of our improvements?”
  • “They can always make us an offer.”
  • “We can always come down.”
  • “We need the money.”
  • “We want to build in bargaining room.”
  • “Couldn’t we just try it at a higher price?”
  • “Couldn’t we just try it for a couple of weeks?”
  • “But we’re moving to a higher priced area?”
  • Buying up, in a down market.

This video is available for loan with no obligation to anyone interested in Denver area homes and real estate. Contact us for more information