Denver Moving Checklist

Moving Day
Before You Leave:

Give Address Change to:

  • Post Office
  • Charge Accounts, Credit Cards
  • Subscriptions (Notice requires several weeks)
  • Friends and Relatives


  • Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in new city
  • Arrange credit references


  • Notify company of new location for coverage (Life, Health, Fire and Auto)

Utility Companies:

  • Gas, Light, Water, Telephone, Fuel
  • Get refunds on any deposits made

Medical, Dental, Prescriptions, and Histories:

  • Ask your doctor and dentist for referrals
  • Transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, X-rays
  • Obtain birth records, medical records, etc.

Don’t Forget To:

  • Empty freezer
  • Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator (Place charcoal to dispel odors)
  • Have appliances serviced for moving
  • Clean rugs or clothing before moving (Have them wrapped for moving)
  • Check with your moving counselor:
    • Insurance coverage, packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, various shipping papers, method and time of expected payment

On Moving Day:

  • Carry enough cash or traveler’s checks to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in the new city.
  • Carry jewelry and documents yourself, or use registered mail.
  • Plan for transporting pets – they are poor traveling companions if unhappy.
  • Double-check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure they are empty.
  • Leave all old keys needed by new tenant or owner with the REALTOR® or a neighbor.

At Your New Address:

  • Check on service of telephone, gas, electricity, and water.
  • Check pilot light on stove, water heater, incinerator, and furnace.
  • Have new address recorded on driver’s license.
  • Register car within five days after arrival in state, or a penalty may have to be paid when getting new license plates.
  • Apply for state driver’s license.
  • Register children in school.
  • Arrange for medical services: doctor, dentist, etc.