Best Home Improvements To Help Sell Your Denver Home

To increase the odds of a quick, well-priced sale of your Denver home, make the effort to take care of certain home improvements before you put it on the market. For the most part, these home improvements are simple and inexpensive, things you can typically do yourself.

Below are a few relatively minor home improvements that can be extremely persuasive when it comes to securing a buyer. Think of it as the “I can live here list.” It’s based upon the premise that a buyer needs to be able to envision the home as his or hers — not yours. In other words, try to make your home feel less like you and more like a new house that the buyer can make their own. Taken collectively, these improvements can speed the sale of your home and help maximize the selling price.

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De-clutter and do a thorough cleaning- It should go without saying, but dust bunnies and dirty windows are going to be turnoffs to most buyers. They are looking to buy a “move-in ready” house, so any signs of an unclean home are bound to be negative. It’s worth hiring a service to clean carpeting and remove stains from upholstery. Remove unnecessary furniture from rooms as well to make the rooms look as spacious as possible. Pack up personal photos, mementos and knick-knacks to depersonalize your home. It is well worth temporarily renting storage space for items you will be moving to your new home.

Improve the light- Everyone loves a home with lots of natural light, so make sure draperies and blinds are open. Make sure and replace missing or dim light bulbs too. In recessed fixtures, there’s nothing as attractive as the light from halogen bulbs. Consider using higher wattage lamps. Be sure, however, to use only bulbs and wattages that are recommended for your fixtures.

Paint over reckless color choices- If your bedroom is purple or your living room orange, cover it up with a nice light neutral color. Even if your house is already painted in neutral colors, consider repainting rooms where the walls and ceilings are stained or faded. Nothing makes rooms look new like a fresh coat of paint, and it’s one of the most affordable ways to update your space.

Renew floor finishes- Hardwood floors take a beating. If yours look worn, you may be able to renew them without having to resort to an expensive refinishing. Check out one of the many off the shell products available from home centers and flooring stores. They can make an old floor shine. Try the product in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire floor.

The total cost for all of the above comes to only a few hundred dollars and a few days of work. The payback can be many times that. Not to mention a quicker sale.

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